Arise and Glow Supplementary School 20 Years Anniversary Seminar and Banquet



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What people says about A.G.S.S

  • It all started around 2000 when I was very young, inquisitive and didn’t have any direction. My Mum believed that Saturday school will provide me with the extra push needed for me to be a success in the future. So, I came to Arise and Glow unhappy because in those days I would have rather been with my friends playing computer games. My grades were unsatisfactory in secondary school, but soon after I started attending Arise and Glow, my future prospects starting to beam like a star shinning in pitch darkness. I obtained good grades in my GCSEs, successfully completed college and finished a BSc (Hons) in Building surveying. Now I currently Work for a large multinational company. The academic training in Arise and Glow is gold standard and more importantly the school taught me at a young age the importance of being respectful to everyone. I recommend Arise and Glow as credible supplementary school. It helped me and I know it can help many more children.

  • I was 16 when my dad suggested that my brother and I go to Saturday school. I wasn’t keen, because I didn’t feel that I needed the help. However, after my first week there; where I was given a set of maths questions to answer, I realised I wasn’t as sharp as I used to be. By the time I sat my GCSE’s my confidence in maths had grown and I was able to achieve an A* grade. I can say without a doubt that this was due to all the tuition I’d received at Saturday school. Now 22 and with one year left at University, I feel it’s only right that I give back to the school that helped me to refocus academically. Hopefully I will be able to help other students and make the difference in their lives that was made in mine.

  • At first to me it was a pain going to school on Saturday bad enough I went Monday to Friday. But after my first couple of assessments I notice it was helping me a great deal especially in Maths. It enabled me to stay in the top set in all my subjects and even now at the age of 21 a lot of the principles of life I learnt from all the uncles and aunties are what is getting me through my adult life. I am forever grateful to Arise and Glow simply because I got more than educational benefits from it but I gained valuable life-skills.

  • The idea of going to school on a Saturday school is not exciting at all but despite the fact that I was unhappy about going to school on Saturdays, I am really glad I attended. Without the help of the staffs in Arise and Glow I do not think I would have achieve great results in my assessment throughout my school year especially in my GCSE exams. I am thankful for Arise and Glow as it helped shaped some aspects of my life, learning valuable lessons and skills. As a result of this and for believing in what the school stands for, I decided to come back and help out by becoming a teacher in Arise and Glow after I graduated and move back home from university.

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